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January 1, 2013

I'm back!!! I've been avoiding the blog. Just living life. Unfortunately. I think this avoidance has affected my photography. I'm still taking pictures. BUT I don't feel quite so motivated to do so. I haven't been upping my skills either. No practicing. No learning new skills. SO... I'm committing myself to another Project 365. I started today. Wanna see? Head over to (for now...). I've decided to jump to wordpress too. No reason really. Just that I figure a change would help keep me on my toes and maybe help me keep interested. Sometimes it just seems more fun if I make it complicated! Ha! Anyway. If you're still around, feel free to pop on over!!! OH. And I have been peeking in on many of you, just haven't been leaving comments. =( Sorry. I was just being super selfish with my time!!!

Happy New Year!!!

April 17, 2012

Feeling Lucky!!

4/17- Discovery Flyover

This morning I am feeling lucky to live in the DC Metro area!! Was able to witness the space shuttle Discovery arriving at it's new home... piggybacked on a 747. Amazing. This is the view I witnessed just moments after parking my car in my chosen viewing shopping center parking lot. It was quite early... glad I moved earlier than I originally planned.
4/17- Discovery Flyover

After hanging in the lot for another 45 minutes to an hour, I and the others I was waiting with (so fun to meet new people under these type of events) were treated to another flyover! So glad to get a side-view to go with my earlier underbelly view. Very excited and will be looking forward to going to visit Discovery in it's new home with The Kids! (Hoping the school let The Kids out to see if they could see it too!!! Maybe I should've kept them home today... nah!)

Enjoy! =)

April 10, 2012

Back to Blogging!!

I somehow managed to take myself a nice, long blogging break!!! Suppose I just needed it... and voila... it happened!! Got lots done. Did some cleaning, time management organization, lots of reading (including the popular Hunger Games trilogy), playing, running (trained for and ran a 5K!!!! ran it all in 30:12... most happy with my time and looking to running another soon), etc. Once I realized that I'd taken so long off, I figured I might as well take until The Kids went back to school (after spring break) before I came back to it. So... today is the day I return. Hope you didn't miss me too much!
During my break I still took pictures (maybe not EVERY day, but MOST days), but I needed to focus on some other aspects of my life. Photography, although super fun and exciting, is not my only interest. Unfortunately, I've been letting some of my other interests fall to the wayside (I read maybe TWO books last year... that makes me sad). ALSO, now that The Kids are both in school full time, I'm realizing I need to do something ELSE with my time/life. SO... I'm long overdue for my job (not career yet, since I need a flexible schedule as The Kids are still priority number one) hunt. I haven't found a job yet (besides the very part time park job I already have), but it's on my radar.
I might not START a new job until the fall, BUT I need to start figuring out what I can do... what I want to do. Also need to whip the house into order. If I'm going to rejoin the working world, even if part-time, I need to make sure my home is running like a well-oiled machine. Want it running so I don't have to really think about it... is it possible?! Maybe not, but I'm trying to make it that way!
BUT... I'm rambling. Mostly. I wanted to say I'm here. Photography is still on my brain. In fact I joined the local Photography Club and have been going to meetings and learning... and meeting some local photogs! FUN!! I've decided though that I'm going to revert back to this blog... retiring my 365 blog for the moment since I'm no longer doing a Project 365. I'll still post pictures... and talk about photography, but I'm going to ramble a little about other things too. All an attempt to figure out what to do next... how to get my house running smoothly... and back to learning about topics that interest me.
Anyway. I'm done now. For today. See you soon... won't wait so long before my next post, I promise!!

March 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - March 14

This week is likely going to be a L-O-N-G one. Already feeling the effects of the time change. At least it's looking to be a good weather week... sort of! LOVE spring!

Monday: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Bread, Salad, Peaches
Tuesday: Chicken Marsala*, Rice, Green Veggie, Fruit
Wednesday: Seven Layer Tortilla Pie, Applesauce, Salad
Thursday: Guinness Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Carrots, Fruit (Happy St. Patty's Day!)
Friday: Dinner-in with friends (ordered out!)
Saturday: OUT!!
Sunday: Mr. Wonderful's Seafood Night

OH last week... we tried two new recipes here.
The first, Brown Sugar-Mustard Pork Chops, was very tasty. The Boy ate it... not The Girl. I liked the simplicity of the recipe. Will definitely do it again. OH... and I used spicy brown mustard instead of yellow... just because that's what we had on hand.

The second, Black & Red Fiesta Beans w/ Rice, was not appreciated by The Kids. Not surprised. Mr. Wonderful and I liked it though. I liked that it could be made with ingredients that I have on hand. I did use previously prepared dried beans from my freezer. I think I'll keep this recipe too. The kids will have to learn to like it, HA!

There's our menu for the week! YUM!

*New for me recipe(s). We'll see how they go!

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March 11, 2011

Week 8 DONE!!

And NOW, I've finished week 8 of my training!!!! WOW! Several weeks ago I posted that I had completed week 1 of The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan. At the start, I was feeling pretty confident that I could do this. AND now, I'm positive that I can do it. 5K here I come!!!

Week 8 consisted of three 2.75 mile runs (OR if you're going by time, 28 minute runs... I've decided to go for distance at this point). I'm amazed that I can do it... and even more amazed that I don't have the shin splints and other pains of my youth (not that I'm THAT old now, but you know... high school track). I do get slight knee pain after my runs, but it has been going away by the next day.

BTW, the picture... these are the tools of my current workout regime. Nothing major... I'm fairly low key about my workouts... 30 minutes/5 days a week. Some days I do more, some less. It's working for me... I'm close to my target weight... I'm at a healthy weight. It's good!

Anyway, WOW! I can run 2.75 miles without stopping... in 29 minutes. WOW! Seriously, if you've ever thought about doing a 5K... THIS is a good plan to work your way into it.

March 9, 2011

My Coupon Organization Method

I coupon. I'm not THAT wonderful at it. I clip them... and then usually forget them. 
BUT... I've been getting better! Why? I've been trying out a new for me method of coupon organization. I put them in these 12 pocket letter-sized expanding files. Nothing fancy. No big binders. I can shove these in with my reusable grocery bags... 
and then I have ALL my coupons with me. Previously I was using a shoebox to hold all my coupons. I would only bring the coupons I needed with me. Of course, once at the store I would always come across a deal that would be AWESOME... if only I had that coupon that I left at home. This new method is my way to have ALL my coupons with me when I'm in the stores. So far... it's working pretty good for me.

I have two files... one for grocery items and one for everything else. I label the pockets...
and slip in the clipped (inserts or printed) coupons. I decided on using two files so that when at certain stores I only need to have one file slipped in my purse... depending on what I'm shopping for. It's also been useful to help me find a coupon faster... when I do find an "unadvertised" deal.

My categories? 
For the grocery file... 1) Yogurt/Breakfast & Cheese, 2) Fruits/Veggies & Meats, 3) Milk/Butter/Eggs & Bread/Baked, 4) Drinks & Meals/Snacks/Sides, 5) Fruits/Veggies & Soups/Meals, 6) Bread & Pasta/Rice/Potatoes, 7) Drinks, 8) Snacks, 9) Breakfast, 10) Meats/Canned, 11) Baking/Cooking Items, 12) Desserts. 

Think you're seeing double? You are... the first 4 categories are my freezer/refrigerator section. Also, the first 6 categories (those with an &) have index cards acting as dividers for the two categories listed.

For everything else... 1) Medicine/First Aid/Etc., 2) Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers, Dyes, 3) Girl Stuff, 4) Toothpaste/Care, 5) Shaving Razors/Cream, 6) Skin: Deodorant, Lotion, Soap, 7) Face: Make-up, Cleansers, 8) Storage: Baggies, Saran, aluminum foil, 9) Cleaning chemicals, 10) Paper: Towels, Tissues, Toilet, 11) Etc.: Candles, Batteries, Toys, Etc., 12) Restaurants.

And that's it. Like I said... so far this is working for me. I'm saving more money than before. I still wouldn't say I get EXTREME savings, but here and there I do get some killer deals! I'm mostly happy that I can have all coupons with me now when I'm in the store.

March 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - March 7

I've been MIA from this blog lately. Focusing on other things at the moment. Still taking pictures for my Project 365 though. Feel free to check them out... they're part of THIS blog, but it's technically a second blog (confusing, but the only way I could figure to do it the way I wanted it)!

I'm trying to re-focus on my menu planning again... so here we go...

Monday: Turkey Meatloaf ("Everyone Loves Chicken" WW Recipe), Noodles, Snap Peas, Peaches
Tuesday: Hot Dogs, Mac&Cheese, Grapes, Salad (Kid's Night)
Wednesday: Brown Sugar-Mustard Pork Chops*, Sweet Potatoes, Veggie mix, Fruit
Thursday: Black & Red Fiesta Beans w/ Rice*, Applesauce, Cornbread
Friday: Pizza, Salad, Fruit, Yogurt
Saturday: OUT =D
Sunday: Mr. Wonderful's Seafood Night

There's our menu for the week! YUM!

*New for me recipe(s). We'll see how they go!

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